Specialized Science Programs at Individual Schools

Brightwater Program (Saskatoon Public School Division: middle years and secondary teachers and students)
The Brightwater program inspires students to learn through ecological experiential education and to engage in earth stewardship guided by teachers, parents and facilitators. Over 1500 elementary and 5oo secondary students visit Brightwater in fall, winter and spring as part of the Out-of-School Education initiative with Saskatoon Public Schools. Partnerships are the foundation of our program which include educational institutions, NGOs, government organizations, the Salvation Army camp, parents and volunteers.
Marcia Klein; Project Leader, Saskatoon Public Schools
Tel: (306) 373-4169 or (306) 683-8323
E-mail: kleinm@spsd.sk.ca

Centennial Collegiate's Science and Technology Academy (Saskatoon)
Students enrolled in the Centennial Academy of Science & Technology will enroll in an independent study class. In coordination with the CAST staff, students will choose a term project that will require primary and secondary source analysis and a practical application. Many scientists and academics at Innovation Place will serve as mentors by providing guidance, suggestions and peer review.

E.D. Feehan High School's Career Academy Programming (Saskatoon)
The E.D. Feehan Career Academy exists to provide students with pathways to academic, occupational and life success through business and professional partnerships with Catholic education.
Programs Offered: Bioresource Management, Communication Technologies, Construction Technologies

Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations' Sciences Program (Programming for the 74 Reserve Schools or on Reserve Land)
The Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations (FSIN) delivers two programs that are unique to Saskatchewan First Nations Youth and assists with Science Fairs at the Tribal Council level. The program is also working with SaskLearning to develop curriculum in science that will enhance text book readings for students in primary and secondary grades. Traditional Knowledge is the centre focus of the program and offers an effective approach in promoting environmental stewardship.
Lori Slater; Program Manager, Sciences
Education and Training Secretariat
Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations
Asimakaniseekan Askiy Reserve
Suite 100 - 103A Packham Avenue
Saskatoon, SK S7N 4K4
Tel: (306) 665-1215
E-mail: lori.slater@fsin.com

ScienceTrek (Saskatoon)
ScienceTrek was established by Saskatoon Public School Division in the fall 2006. The program is for grade 8 students and based in Montgomery Elementary School. The program goal is to enhance the passion for learning science. ScienceTrek students in Grade 8 from any public school in Saskatoon are collected in one class at the Montgomery School, where they have one year with hands-on, intensive science training.