Science and technology play increasingly important roles in our society. Wise management of our resources and of our environment demands that our decision-makers and all other citizens are scientifically literate. Economic success is tightly linked to the scientific and technological skills of our work force.

To achieve enhanced scientific literacy within society requires that educators have the knowledge and resources to communicate up-to-date scientific information to their students in an environment that encourages a life-long appreciation of the importance of science. It is also important to ensure that information on science and technology is made available to the general public in a manner that facilitates an understanding of science-related issues facing society.


To increase scientific literacy and promote science culture within the schools and general community through partnerships with the education, science and business communities.

Scientists at work

SSN Goals

Through the activities of the Network, board members work to achieve the goals of the Network:

  • Improve the general level of scientific literacy in all students (not just those destined for careers in science and technology).
  • Improve teachers' access to the pool of scientific and technological expertise and educational material already available in Saskatchewan.
  • Encourage students to pursue careers in science and technology by inspiring curiosity, wonder and innovation.
  • Increase local interest in, and awareness of, science and technology.
  • Foster and promote the communication of science and technology and scientific attitudes in the educational system, and in society as a whole.
  • Stimulate local scientific and associated societies, agencies and businesses and other interested individuals to support the promotion of science culture in schools and the community.